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About The Phunki Club

Welcome to The Phunki Club! The home of the Phunki brands; Phunki, Phunki Dog, Phunki Cheer, and Phunki Baby!

Phunki is our original brand that first launched in 2016. Phunki sells the cutest bows, scrunchies and more!

Phunki Dog was the next brand to be created, and launched in June 2022. Phunki Dog sells dog bandanas and dog bows which slide over the dogs collar, making it safe + comfortable for the dog to wear. 

Phunki Cheer is Phunki for cheerleaders! Phunki Cheer has cheer bows and cheer bow keychains!

Phunki Baby is the newest addition to The Phunki Club, and sells handmade bow headbands + more!


Phunki was founded by a mum and daughter in January 2016. We are located in Christchurch, New Zealand and all bows, scrunchies, dog bandanas, face masks, and more are handmade by us so every piece is unique. 


Phunki is able to do custom orders if there is something specific you are looking for. Get in touch on social media or use the contact us option below.  


Contact Us

Instagram- @phunki

Facebook- Phunki

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